How the WINARO WineSaver® is functioningThe ingenious wine bottle closure in usePut first Original WineSaver® on the bottle neck.Press down Original WineSaver® with light pressure for a brief second (with a new cartridge greater). With a "hissing" the inert gas flows into the bottle and lies over the wine. If you do not hear a "hissing", you did not press hard enough or the cartridge is empty.Put Original WineSaver® aside and recap the bottle with a cork or wine closure.A cartridge WINARO® WINEGAZ is good for 15+ applications. A cartridge you will get free to your WINARO® Original WineSaver®. The change of cartridges is like the application of the device dead easy.Change of WINARO® WINEGAZ- cartridgesTurn off the upper part from the valve head.If necessary. Remove the old cartridge.Screw in WINARO® WINEGAZ cartridge quickly until it stops in the valve threads. In very rare cases it can come during insertion already to a short "hiss". Then turn quickly to avoid further loss of gas.Turn back the upper part on the valve head.Activate cartridge with short, strong compression of the Original WineSaver®. It "hisses" short, if you were successful. The effort required for this purpose is a safeguard against the inadvertent operation by children.How much WINEGAZ you need per application?How much Winegaz must be submitted in an open wine bottle over the Winesaver? A question we get asked a lot really. So you get a feel for this, here an audio file, which makes the adequate delivery audible:play Sound