Winaro Winegaz als Alternative für Coravin Pivot, Sparkling oder Timeless Three verwenden?

Use Winaro Winegaz as an alternative for Coravin Pivot, Sparkling or Timeless Three?

 We occasionally receive questions on whether or not our Original Winaro Winegaz cartridges can be used with Coravin® systems as well.
 Coravin®, with Pivot™, Sparkling™ and Timeless Three™, also offers a wine conservation system based on Argon 5.0.
 On a first glance, our Original Winaro® Winesaver and the Coravin® systems look similar. But, on a closer look, we can identify several advantages of our system over Coravin's offering:
  1. Wine bottles do not need to be sealed after every glass, but only when you are done drinking and want to conserve them for a later day. This saves Argon 5.0 and consequently a lot of money. You will be able to conserve up to 15 bottles with one cartridge of Original Winaro® Winegaz
  2.  You do not need any additional accessories (e.g. lids) to seal your wine. You put the Original Winaro® Winesaver on the bottle, press it for about 1 second to release the Argon 5.0 into the bottle, and close it with an ordinary wine cap (e.g. the original cork of the bottle). Other than the Argon 5.0 consumption, there are no more costs.
 But back to our original questions: Are you able to use our Original Winaro® Winegaz for Coravin® systems? The content of our cartridges is identical to Coravin's. Both systems work with Argon 5.0 as the conservation method. But: The Coravin® cartridges have black plastic cap that is needed to make them compatible with their proprietary systems. Unfortunately, we are unable to sell this little plastic cap. Luckily, a customer sent us this video which explains how to remove the cap from a Coravin® cartridge and apply it to our Original Winaro® Winegaz cartridge:
 We did not test is ourselves since we do not use any Coravin® system, naturally. Hence, we cannot guarantee anything or recommend using our cartridges for Coravin® systems. But if you want to give the method shown in the video a try, we would like to hear about your results in the comments.
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We with you always “best wine, anytime!”

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